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Candles make a great gift! Bakery Candles Apple Pie Candles Candles make a great gift! Container Candles Welcome to Glorylight Candles Candles make a great gift!
8oz. Square Mason Candles
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 Bakery Candles
OUR BAKERY CANDLES are carefully and expertly hand-crafted giving them a realistic appearance you will not find anywhere else.All cinnamon rolls are hand rolled and pie crusts are formed by hand with attention to detail and quality. Muffins,cakes, and breads are prepared in actual baking pans and finished by hand. A perfect addition to your home decor!
Glorylight Candles
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Jelly Bean Wax Potpourri  Country Jar Candles
ONLY THE FINEST oils and 100% soy wax fill our charming country mason jars. These candles are hand-poured and highly scented giving you a long, clean burn and maximum scent throw.

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  Wax Potpourri
DONT UNDERESTIMATE the scent throw of these little wax jelly beans! Made from 100% soy wax. Just a few of these in your potpourri burner and the scent will fill the room. Check our Recipe Page for great mixing ideas.

Scent of the Month Candles

Scent of the Month Candles

 Scent of the Month Candles
DON'T PASS UP the opportunity for savings with our Scent of the Month! Each month a new scent will be featured at 20% off all mason jars and wax potpourri. This is a great way to stock up on your favorite scents, so check this feature regularly.
Glorylight Cafe Candles Hot Cocoa Mug Candles
COME ON IN for a big mug of Hot Cocoa, Cappucino Brulee, or Mulled Cider! Guaranteed to make any room feel cozy.
Hot Candles at The Glorylight Candle Co.
•Buttery Gingerbread
•Country Clothesline
•Cinnamon Red Hots
•Coconut Lime Smoothie
•Lavender & Sweet Basil
•Vanilla  Grapefruit
•White Tea
New Candles at The Glorylight Candle Co.
•Green Clover & Aloe
•Green Tea
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